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Animal Welfare Resource Articles


04-20-2018A Code of Practice for Canadian Kennel Operations - 3rd Edition (2018)
12-18-2017Joint Letter - Calling for Update to Canada’s Laws to Address Shortcomings Re: Bestiality and Animal Fighting
08-01-2016Pain in human and non-human animals caused by electricity
08-04-2015Animal Welfare - Veterinary reporting of animal welfare concerns
06-12-2015Codes of Practice for the Care and Handling of Farm Animals
07-04-2014Livestock and Poultry Fitness for Transport — The Veterinarian’s Role
04-23-2014Canadian Standards of Care in Animal Shelters: Supporting ASV Guidelines
07-22-2013Perioperative Pain Management – Horse, Cattle and Swine
04-01-2013The Animal Health and Welfare Consequences of Foie Gras Production
11-23-2011The Critical Role of the Veterinarian in Animal Cruelty Investigations
09-07-2011Anaesthetic Pain Management Protocols For Healthy Cats and Dogs
09-07-2011Perioperative Pain Management - Cats and Dogs
11-30-2009Every Dog Should Have a Tail to Tell...and the Ears to Hear One! (Cosmetic Surgery Poster)
06-11-2009A Code of Practice for Canadian Cattery Operations - First Edition (2009)
03-31-2009Animal Abuse: What Veterinarians Can Do / How To Report Abuse
01-07-2009Sedative, Anaesthetic and Pain Management Protocols for Healthy Horses, Cattle and Swine
12-10-2007Recommended Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Horses in PMU Operations (2007)
08-01-2005Breed Specific Legislation: Considerations for Evaluating its Effectiveness and Recommendations for Alternatives
06-01-2005Good samaritans: A legislative solution for mandatory reporting of suspected animal abuse
01-03-2005Leadership in Animal Welfare: The Role of Veterinary Colleges
11-01-2004Leadership in Animal Welfare: A comparison of Canada with the U.S., U.K., Australia and N.Z.
07-01-2004Do Vocalizations Tell Us Anything About Animal Welfare?
03-01-2004What's Animal Welfare Science All About?
12-01-2003How Might Veterinarians Do More for Animal Welfare?
09-01-2003Can We Assess Welfare?
06-02-2003What is Animal Welfare: Common Definitions and Their Practical Consequences
04-01-2003Focus on Animal Welfare
09-30-2002Animal Welfare and the Harp Seal Hunt in Atlantic Canada