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06-25-2021Guidance for Veterinarians on Euthanasia Methods that Do Not Include Pentobarbital Sodium
11-28-2018Letter to PHAC: Mitigation of Risks to Animal and Public Health from Dog Importation into Canada
06-13-2018CVMA Adds its Voice to the Elimination of Lead Ammunition and Lead Fishing Gear Use
05-31-2018CVMA Letter to Minister of Environment and Climate Change: Conversation on encouraging use of non-lead ammunition & fishing gear
01-19-2018CVMA Letter to Health Canada: Proposed Approach to the Regulation of Cannabis
01-11-2018CVMA Letter to Health Canada: Input on the Fee Proposal for Drugs and Medical Devices
11-15-2017CVJ Editorial: Raw Food Diets for Pets
11-15-2017CVMA Presents on Antimicrobial Resistance at the House of Commons’ Standing Committee on Health
11-10-2017Presentation to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health on its Study of Antimicrobial Resistance
10-06-2017Update: Proposed Federal Tax Changes
09-11-2017Letter Template: Proposed Federal Tax Changes for Small Businesses
09-08-2017CVMA Joins Government Sub-Committee Discussing Moving Medically Important Antimicrobials to Prescription Drug List
09-08-2017Canadian Veterinary Medical Association Joins Coalition to Oppose Proposed Federal Tax Changes for Small Businesses
09-01-2017AAHA Canine Vaccine Guidelines - September 2017
04-04-2017Presentation to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food on Amendments to the Health of Animal Regulations (Humane Transportation) - April 4, 2017
03-06-2017CVMA Letter to CFIA - Federal Regulations Amending the Health of Animals Regulations (Part XII) Statutory authority Vol. 150, No. 49
01-13-2017Veterinary Oversight of Antimicrobial Use – A Pan-Canadian Framework for Professional Standards for Veterinarians (PDF)
12-01-2016CVJ Editorial: Marijuana for pets?
09-28-2016Canadian Vet Article: CVMA's "Antimicrobials in Animal Health - the New Reality" Summit
08-10-2016Report of the Canadian National Canine Importation Working Group
03-31-2015 CVMA Participates in Ministerial Roundtable on Antimicrobial Resistance
03-16-2015CVMA Sends Letter to Minister Regarding the Development of Standards for Psychiatric Service Dogs
03-11-2015CVMA Participates in Discussion to Promote Prudent Use of Medically-Important Antimicrobial Drugs in Food Animal Production
11-15-2013Caution: Jerky Treats
11-12-2013Therapeutic Decision Cascade for Animal & Public Safety
02-21-2013Registered Bromethalin End-Use Products
02-21-2013Bromethalin Rodenticide – No Known Antidote (advisory)
03-30-2012What Veterinarians Should Ask When Selecting Pet Disposal Facilities
09-27-2011Flea and Tick Products: CVMA Concerns
08-17-2011Feline Retrovirus - Guidelines for Practitioners (August 2011)
05-29-2009Improving Biosecurity and Emergency Response Programs for Veterinarians in Ontario – Final Report 4, May 2009
08-29-2008Infection Prevention and Control - Best Practices for Small Animal Veterinary Clinics (August 2008)
10-10-2007Radiation in Veterinary Medicine - Fact Sheet
08-31-2007Specific Risk Material (SRM) Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) – Sample Veterinary Clinic
08-31-2007Specific Risk Material (SRM) Permit Requirements - Frequently Asked Questions
08-31-2007Specific Risk Material (SRM) Sample Log
02-01-2007Food Supply Veterinary Medicine Survey (FSVM) – January 2007
11-30-2006AAFP & AFM Recommended Guidelines for Vaccination of Cats
08-31-2006CVMA Guidelines for the Legitimate Use of Compounded Drugs in Veterinary Practice - 2006
08-31-2005Task Force Report on Own-Use Importation (OUI) - Aug. 5, 2008
07-27-2005Pet Ownership and Zoonotic Diseases - Brochure
12-22-2004Handling Biomedical Waste in Canada: A Guide for Veterinary Clinics
03-01-2004Reducing the Incidence of Dog Bites and Attacks: Do Breed Bans Work?
03-01-2003An Enlightened Approach to Companion Animal Control for Canadian Municipalities
08-01-2000Antimicrobial Resistance: the Canadian Perspective – 2000 (Information for the practising veterinarian)
10-01-1999Sample Municipal Bylaw Regulating the Keeping and Controlling of Companion Animals
11-30-1998Report of the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association Expert Panel on rbST