CVMA | Client Behaviour

Client Behaviour

  • Lack of concern about the disposition of previous pets.
  • Lack of concern about the client’s (in)ability to care for an animal, including a refusal to either acknowledge the seriousness of a condition or to provide treatment for a clearly painful condition such as a fracture.
  • Indifference or lack of awareness or concern about the way in which the animal was injured.
  • Repeated failure to follow-up with treatment of serious medical conditions that cause suffering.
  • Use of several veterinarians to cover the client’s trail of abuse and neglect.
  • Unusual behaviour or comments by the spouse or children of the client.
  • Presentation of a constantly changing parade of pets, also suggestive of animal hoarding.
  • Presentation of animals where an illness has been fabricated or induced to gain sympathy or attention.