CVMA | Reporting to Appropriate Authority

Reporting to Appropriate Authority

The regulations in each province or territory determine what agency has the authority to investigate suspected cases of animal abuse and to lay charges. In almost all cases, the local or provincial SPCA or humane society is involved in the investigation, and any charges laid are usually laid either by the police or in conjunction with the police.

If you suspect that an animal is being abused or neglected, call is your local SPCA or humane society in most provinces or the RCMP in the territories. In rural areas, if there is no local humane society, call either the provincial SPCA or the RCMP. In Manitoba, the provincial veterinary services department addresses animal cruelty, although the Winnipeg Humane Society investigates suspected cruelty in that city. In any jurisdiction, if the animal and/or people involved are at immediate risk, call the police.

Remember that your role is to make the report to the appropriate agency. It is their job to further investigate the concern. You can assist by providing as much information as possible to the reporting agency, including times, location, conditions, people involved, etc, as well as the condition of the animal(s).