Antimicrobial SmartVet

Antimicrobial SmartVet, a treatment decision application from the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA), is available for download onto your Apple or Android smartphone or tablet.

Developed by a veterinary expert panel, the SmartVet app is a bilingual antimicrobial treatment decision tool for companion animal practitioners. This app will guide you through the process of selecting appropriate antimicrobial therapy for specific bacterial diseases of dogs and cats, including diagnostic steps, recommended first, second and third line treatments and recommendations for advance diagnostics and/or referral. A urinary tract infection (UTI) application is the first of a set of decision tools being built into CVMA’s SmartVet app. The UTI app provides an algorithm on how to manage simple and complicated UTIs, an antimicrobial treatment reference table and supplemental resources to guide you through successful antimicrobial therapy.

How to use the SmartVet app:

  1. Download the “Antimicrobial SmartVet” app from the Apple or Google Play store. 
  2. Select the “Urinary Tract Infections” tool (in the future, other decision tools will be available here also).
  3. First time users of the UTI tool: select the UTI Treatment Algorithm and work the clinical UTI case through the decision tree.
  4. Reference documents: the UTI tool provides users with a comprehensive UTI antimicrobial treatment table that lists first, second and third line therapies, along with additional antimicrobial treatment information. Users can also access guidance on urine collection, handling and urinalysis interpretation. 

Don’t have an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet? No problem. CVMA members can access a desktop version of SmartVet from CVMA’s website:

The development of CVMA’s SmartVet app was made possible with funding support from the Canadian Animal Health Institute.