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01-01-2020The demand for associate veterinarians: Surveying the “shortage”
10-28-2019Overtaking inflation: Veterinarian compensation in government, industry, and academe
08-21-2019Practice management software: A 3-horse race
07-01-2019Maybe money can buy happiness: Associate satisfaction and compensation
05-01-2019Keeping up with the cost of living: Average fees and inflation
03-13-2019The Value of an RVT
03-07-2019Reaching new heights: Results of the 2018 CVMA Practice Owners Economic Survey
03-01-2019Exploring the Value that Registered Veterinary Technicians bring to Ontario Companion Animal Practices
01-01-2019The true cost of credit: Student debt and repayment
11-23-2018Companion animal practices versus mixed and large: A 10-year comparison
08-23-2018Sharing in the spoils: Non-DVM wages outpacing inflation
06-25-2018Let the good times roll: Results of the 2017 CVMA practice owners economic survey
04-30-2018Gaining ground on inflation: Associate veterinarian compensation
03-07-2018Veterinary care across Canada: Average provincial fees in 2017
01-01-2018Managing your purchases? Get out your calculator
11-28-2017The Practice Owners Economic Survey and Your Provincial Suggested Fee Guide Connection
10-11-2017A path outside of practice: Veterinarians employed in government, industry, and academe
08-31-2017The CVMA MyVetStore: Delivering dietary convenience and compliance
06-21-2017Non-DVM Wages and Trends Across Canada
05-31-2017Bouncing back across the board: Results of the 2016 CVMA Practice Owners Economic Survey
03-02-2017Chasing Higher Wages: Associate Veterinarian Compensation Through the Provinces
12-13-2016Attracting New Clients with the First Phone Call
11-01-2016The Benefits of Pre-Booking
08-26-2016Falling Behind Inflation: Associate Veterinarian Compensation and Strategies to Increase Earning
08-23-2016CVMA Practice Diagnostic Report: Evidence-Based Management
06-08-2016Veterinary Diet Pricing: Competing with the Pet Food Store
05-04-2016The Path Less Traveled to Profit: Expenses and Budgeting
02-25-2016Highs and Lows Across Canada: Average Veterinary Fees in 2015
01-11-2016Minimizing the Cost of Your Veterinary Education: Saving Through Expedited Student Debt Repayment
10-27-2015The Economics of Veterinarians in Government, Industry, and Academe
08-11-2015Getting More from Less: Results of the 2014 CVMA National Economic Survey
06-23-2015A Strong Year in Client Numbers for Much of Canada
04-24-2015Where to Find Canada’s Best Compensated Technicians: Non-DVM Wages Across the Nation
02-19-2015Low Hanging Fruit: The Foregone Revenue of Elective Surgeries
01-01-2015Provincial Ups and Downs, National Stagnation for Associate Veterinarians
11-21-2014How Much Does a Vacation Cost?
09-01-2014Market Share and Veterinary Practice Management Software
04-15-2014Results from the 2013 Practice Owners' Economic Survey
02-12-2014Provincial fees
01-29-2014AAFP’s Ten Solutions to Increase Cat Visits
01-01-2014Associate Salaries Increase ... For Half The Provinces
01-01-2014Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation
11-01-2013Is Your Examination Fee Costing You Clients?
09-01-2013Comparing Fee Guides
08-12-2013When "The Sky's The Limit" Isn't Enough
07-01-2013Managing Expenses With Budgeting
03-01-2013Number of Active Clients Bounces Back: Why?
02-13-2013Scotiabank Online Resources for CVMA Members - Get Growing for Business
01-23-2013Associate Veterinarian Salaries Continue to Rise
12-28-20122012 Wage Report for Non-DVMs
11-01-2012Practices Values Fall
09-03-2012Time to Practice Smarter
05-01-2012Associate Compensation
03-05-2012Active Number of Clients Down Nationally
12-30-20112011 Non-DVM Wage Report
11-01-2011How Much Is Your Practice Worth?
10-03-2011Companion Animal Client Numbers Continue To Fall In Most Provinces
07-04-2011Non-DVM Wages: Less is Not Necessarily Better
05-02-2011Lifestyle Improvements Call for Reduction in Full-Time Equivalent Status
03-09-2011Guidelines for the Successful Employment of New Veterinary Graduates
01-03-2011The Relationship Between Associate Compensation and Provincial Population
12-31-2010Practice Diagnostic Report Example (Companion Animal Practice)
11-30-20102010 Report of Veterinarians Employed in Government, Industry and Academe
09-30-2010Market Share for Veterinary Practice Management Software
07-30-2010Do Non-DVM Wage Levels Affect Seniority?
06-30-2010Budgeting Revisited
01-29-2010Comparing Hours Worked
11-03-2009H1N1 Preparedness for Veterinary Facilities
10-28-2008Pet Oral and Systemic Health - A Roundtable Discussion (CVMA/Hill's - 2008)
01-09-2008Annual Veterinary Productivity in Companion Animal Practice in the Different Provinces
11-30-2007How Much is Your Practice Worth? CVMA Practice Value Estimate
09-28-2007Which is the Best Province for Associate Veterinarians?
07-03-2007Comparing Finances
05-02-2007Improve Your Management With Your Complimentary CVMA Practice Diagnostic Report
03-13-2007Keeping Up With The Joneses – Comparison of Fees
01-01-2007Support Staff – Asset or Liability?
11-01-2006Non-DVM Staff: Doing More with More
09-01-2006Model of Practice Excellence - Budgeting with the New Hamburg Veterinary Clinic
07-01-2006Veterinary Manager
05-01-2006Charting Your Accounts
03-01-2006Managing Inventory Costs
11-01-2005Disaster Recovery Plan
12-22-2004Preparing for Privacy - Practical Tips for Privacy Compliance