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National Tick Awareness Month

March is National Tick Awareness Month (NTAM), a client-education initiative introduced in 2016 by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) in partnership with Merck Animal Health.

Thanks to the enthusiastic response of the Canadian veterinary community to the campaign, a growing number of pet owners across the country are now aware of the risk of exposure to ticks in early spring, and are taking measures to protect their pets and their families against these parasites and the diseases they can carry.

The veterinary community may not be able stop tick expansion, but there's still a great deal we can do to help change public perceptions and behaviours when it comes to tick control. 

2020 National Tick Awareness Month

Every Season Can Be Tick Season

The expansion of blacklegged ticks into Canada has been a real game-changer for veterinarians and pet parents. In just a few years, these parasites have gone from relative obscurity to being front page news. This rapid expansion creates a growing need for us to educate pet parents and update our parasite control protocols to address this emerging threat.

As in previous years, the CVMA and its NTAM partner, Merck Animal Health, have produced communication material and support tools to help veterinary teams highlight the unique seasonality of ticks, to provide pet parents with updates regarding the expansion of ticks across Canada, and to increase awareness of the One Health approach to tick control and Lyme disease prevention.  

Visit, an educational website for Canadian pet owners. More information and access to NTAM resources will be available soon.

Summer Social Media Tool Kit

Download your NTAM Summer Social Media Took Kit here.

NTAM Webinar

Click here to watch the recorded 2020 National Tick Awareness Month – Kick-off webinar.

During this webinar, Dr. Robbin Lindsay, MSc, PhD, research scientist at Public Health Agency of Canada's National Microbiology Laboratory, and Dr. Katie Clow, DVM, PhD, assistant professor in One Health in the Department of Population Medicine at the Ontario Veterinary College, provided an update on tick expansion in Canada, discussed changes in tick-borne disease risks over time, and explored the role of veterinarians in the One Health approach to tick control and disease prevention. 

Communications Materials

Find 2020 National Tick Awareness Month Communication Material here.

Past Campaigns 

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