CVMA | Surveys and Reports

Economic Surveys and Reports

Throughout the year, the CVMA, in partnership with the various veterinary medical associations, will invite members to participate in completing surveys resulting in various beneficial reports.  Reports include:

  • Report on Compensation and Benefits for Associate Veterinarians -- this report is an important benchmarking tool and resulting from the Survey on Compensation and benefits for Associate Veterinarians.  This survey is designed to examine the compensation and benefits provided to associate (non-owner) veterinarians in private practice and examines several characteristics (type of practice, years in practice, location, types of compensation, etc.) 
  • National Economic Report and Non-DVM Wage Report -- these reports are produced from the results of the Practice Owners Economic Survey.  Practices that submit a survey will also be provided a detailed personalized report, that provides general recommendations to help improve practice profitability.  
  • Report on Veterinarians in Government, Industry, and Academe -- this report is produced from the results of the Survey of Veterinarians in Government, Industry, and Academe and allows these veterinarians to compare their earnings, hours and benefits with peers.

The CVMA acknowledges the collaboration of the provincial veterinary medical associations and appreciates the program co-partners for their financial support.