Top Ten Changes Veterinarians Can Make That Impact the Environment

Sunset1. Power down equipment at night – 25-50 % reduction in energy use. Computers / Printers / Monitors / Televisions / Fans / Window A/C units.

2. Paper use – go paperless where you can! – Use electronic communication rather than mail. Choose 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

3. Wash and re-sterilize larger sized plastic syringes for multiple use.

4. Water use – choose low-flow toilets or use a toilet dam. Utilize refillable drinking water bottles or filtered water – no throwaways!

5. Post “No Idling” signs in your parking area

6. Put pressure on veterinary industry representatives for improvements in environmentally friendly packaging and energy efficient medical equipment. Use suppliers who take back packaging/totes for reuse

7. Lights – turn them off! – Use motion detectors, timers. Leave minimal lighting on at night for security purposes. Earth Day should happen every day!

8. Get rid of incandescent bulbs – switch to CFL or LED


10. Use 'green' products at every opportunity. Minimize the use of high phosphate products, bleach, etc.