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10-10-2018Signs of Cannabis Exposure in Your Pets
10-03-2018Veterinarians Caution: Medical Cannabis Exposure in Pets
08-02-2018Pain Identification and Management in Pets
08-02-2018Cats and Essential Oils
07-30-2018Training is Important for Our Pets Around the Home
06-12-2018First Aid for Burns Depends on Type of Burn
04-25-2018Oral Cavity and Dental Disease in Cats
04-25-2018Heart Disease in Cats
04-12-2018Lower Urinary Tract Conditions in Cats
04-12-2018Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV)
12-01-2017Feline Leukemia Virus
10-06-2017Feline Panleukopenia (Parvovirus)
10-05-2017Hemotropic Mycoplasmosis (Hemobartonellosis) in Cats
05-01-2017When Vomiting Becomes a Concern
04-25-2017Vaccination and Your Cat
03-15-2017Feline Infectious Peritonitis Virus Can Remain Dormant For Years
07-20-2016Zoonoses – Shared Disease Agents of People and Pets
07-20-2016Rabies Fact Sheet
07-20-2016Rabies – Prevention Tips for Pet Owners
07-19-2016Rabies: The Great Pretender
07-19-2016Intestinal Parasites
02-29-2016“Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” (and lungs): Second-hand Smoke
09-01-2015Your Veterinarian: Still the Best Source for Vaccination Advice
09-01-2015Your Pet's Smile Depends on Oral Health
09-01-2015Obesity Poses Serious Health Hazards to Pets
09-01-2015Weight Loss is a Challenge But Possible in Pets
09-01-2015Bad Breath Can Be Prevented in Pets
09-01-2015Performing Wellness Testing Can Prolong Your Pet's Life
10-29-2014Why Do Cats Hate Water?
10-21-2014Eco-friendly Pet Care Tips
09-15-2014Antibiotic Resistance and How it Affects Your Pet
09-08-2014Bringing Home a New Pet
08-26-2014The World of Feline Resistance
06-26-2014Tips for Summer Safety
05-12-2014Flea and Tick Products Can Be Toxic to Cats
01-02-2014Diabetes Mellitus in Cats
12-07-2012Dandruff in Cats
12-07-2012Benefits of Neutering Male Cats
12-07-2012Post Surgery Healing Problems
12-07-2012Horner’s Syndrome in Cats
12-07-2012Chronic Care of the Ill Pet at Home
10-24-2012Numerous Causes Account for Urine Spraying in Cats
10-24-2012Scratching Behaviour is Normal in Cats
10-24-2012Catnip – The Drug of Choice for Cats
10-24-2012Why Cats Constantly Groom Themselves
10-24-2012Abnormal Heart Sounds in Cats: Inherited and Congenital
10-24-2012All Skin Lumps and Bumps Need Veterinary Attention
10-24-2012Does a Standard Protocol for the Annual Check-up Exist?
10-24-2012Cat Hairballs
10-24-2012Excessive Vocalization in Older Cats May Signal Medical Problem
10-24-2012Spay Surgery: What You Need to Know
10-23-2012Incidence of Constipation Increases with Age
10-23-2012Fleas Continue to be a Problem Despite Advances in Prevention
10-23-2012Routine Grooming Promotes Good Health in Pets
10-23-2012Ear Mites Cause Severely Itchy Ears
10-23-2012Safe Air Travel for Pets
10-23-2012Chocolate is Sweet...But Can Be Deadly
10-23-2012Heat Stroke Kills Silently and Swiftly
10-23-2012Decision to Euthanize Depends on Answers to Several Questions
10-23-2012Ear Hematoma
10-23-2012Repetitive Behaviour Can be a Sign of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
10-23-2012Neuter (male castration) Surgery: What You Need to Know
10-23-2012Animals Can Suffer from Asthma
10-23-2012Pets Can Become Allergic to Flea Bites
10-23-2012Pregnant Women Should Avoid Cleaning Cat Litter
10-23-2012Supplementation of Your Pet’s Diet is Not Necessarily Beneficial
10-23-2012Scooting May Indicate Anal Gland Problems
10-23-2012Many Benefits of Spaying Pets
10-23-2012Foreign Body Surgery: What You Need to Know
10-23-2012Pyometra Surgery: What You Need to Know
10-23-2012Bite Prevention Tips
10-23-2012Early Morning Vomiting May Signal Stomach Reflux Problems
10-23-2012When Your Pet Can't Hear
10-23-2012Sun Can Be Harmful to Pets as Well as Humans
10-23-2012Supplementation With Vitamin C is Not Necessary for Most Pets