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01-17-2020NCAC Recognized RFID Products - January 2017
06-18-2019Best Pet Insurance for 2019
10-10-2018Signs of Cannabis Exposure in Your Pets
10-03-2018Veterinarians Caution: Medical Cannabis Exposure in Pets
09-19-2018Audio Interview: Vaccines Save Lives: The Importance of Vaccinating Pets
08-02-2018Cats and Essential Oils
08-02-2018Pain Identification and Management in Pets
07-30-2018Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus (GDV; “Bloat”)
07-30-2018Training is Important for Our Pets Around the Home
06-13-2018Keeping Your Horse in Good Health for Life
06-12-2018First Aid for Burns Depends on Type of Burn
04-25-2018Dog Aggression
04-25-2018Oral Cavity and Dental Disease in Cats
04-20-2018A Code of Practice for Canadian Kennel Operations - 3rd Edition (2018)
04-19-2018Pets and Ticks
04-12-2018Lower Urinary Tract Conditions in Cats
09-13-2017Why a Pet Insurance Health Plan May be Right for You
08-22-201710 Foods You Have at Home that are Toxic to Pets
08-09-2017What You Need to Know When Moving to a New Country or Continent With Your Pet
06-05-2017Tips for Traveling with Dogs to the United States (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
07-20-2016Rabies Fact Sheet
07-20-2016Zoonoses – Shared Disease Agents of People and Pets
07-20-2016Rabies – Prevention Tips for Pet Owners
07-19-2016Lyme Disease
07-19-2016Rabies: The Great Pretender
04-22-2016Smoke Inhalation Injury
02-29-2016“Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” (and lungs): Second-hand Smoke
09-01-2015Your Pet's Smile Depends on Oral Health
09-01-2015Your Veterinarian: Still the Best Source for Vaccination Advice
09-01-2015Bad Breath Can Be Prevented in Pets
09-01-2015Obesity Poses Serious Health Hazards to Pets
09-01-2015Choosing the Right Veterinary Health Care Team for You and Your Pet
09-01-2015Weight Loss is a Challenge But Possible in Pets
09-01-2015Performing Wellness Testing Can Prolong Your Pet's Life
12-01-2014Pet Safety During the Holiday Season
10-21-2014Eco-friendly Pet Care Tips
09-15-2014Antibiotic Resistance and How it Affects Your Pet
09-08-2014Bringing Home a New Pet
06-26-2014Tips for Summer Safety
03-14-2014CPR Can Save a Pet’s Life
10-04-2013Keeping Canadian Pets Healthy
09-16-2013Understanding Overnight Hospitalization
09-11-2013Pet Medications
09-11-2013Understanding the Cost of Veterinary Healthcare
09-11-2013Specialty Diets
09-11-2013Veterinary Medicine in Canada
12-07-2012Chronic Care of the Ill Pet at Home
10-24-2012Recommendations for Adopting an Exotic Pet
10-24-2012Does a Standard Protocol for the Annual Check-up Exist?
10-23-2012First Aid Steps for Poison Control
10-23-2012How to Minimize Your Allergic Reaction to Pets
10-23-2012Seasonal Tips for a Safe and Happy Halloween
10-23-2012Wound Repair: What You Need to Know
10-23-2012Decision to Euthanize Depends on Answers to Several Questions
10-23-2012Seasonal Safety Tips: Thanksgiving
10-23-2012How to Read a Pet Food Label
10-23-2012The Truth About Natural vs. Organic Labeling
10-23-2012AAFCO Standards
10-23-2012Obesity, Dental and Mature Pet Health
10-23-2012Wound Care Requires Prompt First Aid
10-23-2012By-products as Ingredients
10-23-2012Therapy Animals-Our Best Friends!
10-23-2012The Corn Myth
10-23-2012Alternative Petfoods
10-23-2012Safe Air Travel for Pets
10-23-2012Identifying Pain Can Prevent Further Suffering in Pets
10-23-2012Teaching Your Children Responsible Animal Ownership
10-23-2012Microchipping Can Help Reunite Owners with Lost Pets
07-11-2012Developing a Happy Traveller
06-20-2012A Trip to the Veterinarian
03-30-2012What Veterinarians Should Ask When Selecting Pet Disposal Facilities
06-30-2011Canada’s Pet Wellness Report 2011
11-30-2009Every Dog Should Have a Tail to Tell...and the Ears to Hear One! (Cosmetic Surgery Poster)
10-27-2009Information for Pet Owners: H1N1 and Your Pets
06-05-2009Creating a First Aid Kit for Your Pet
03-27-2008Food Allergies in Pets
03-27-2008Pet Aging and Lifestages
12-10-2007Recommended Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Horses in PMU Operations (2007)
10-01-2007Grocery Store vs. Pet Store vs. Veterinary Exclusive Pet Food Brands
08-27-2007When moving, what is the best way to prepare my pet, and manage them throughout the move to minimize stress?
07-23-2007Loss of Weight and Body Condition in Senior Pets
07-27-2005Pet Ownership and Zoonotic Diseases - Brochure
04-28-2005Service Animals
03-01-2003An Enlightened Approach to Companion Animal Control for Canadian Municipalities
06-30-2001A Commonsense Guide to Selecting a Dog or a Cat
10-01-1999Sample Municipal Bylaw Regulating the Keeping and Controlling of Companion Animals