CVMA | National Examining Board Summary


A graduate of a non-accredited veterinary school is required to complete all 3 parts of the National Examining Board (NEB) examination sequence in order to receive a Certificate of Qualification (CQ).  A CQ is a prerequisite to apply for a license from any of the 10 provincial veterinary licensing boards in Canada.  The NEB's veterinary licensing examination process for graduates of non-accredited veterinary schools involves:

  • The Basic and Clinical Sciences Examinations (BCSE);
  • The North American Veterinary Licensing Examination (NAVLE®);
  • The Preliminary Surgical Assessment for the CPE (PSA)
  • The Clinical Proficiency Examination (CPE).

The BCSE is the first exam that graduates from non-accredited veterinary schools must pass before being eligible to proceed to the NAVLE® and the PSA/CPE. 

A graduate of an accredited veterinary school needs to pass the NAVLE within 2 attempts in order to receive a CQ.  If the candidate requires more than 2 attempts, they must also successfully complete the PSA/CPE.  The PSA and CPE are hands-on, practical exams administered at predetermined test sites.

For additional information regarding the veterinary licensing examination process and how to enroll, please visit the NEB Candidate Information Guide.