CVMA | Becoming a CVR Member

Becoming a CVR Member

Important information about CVR membership:

  • CVR membership is open to all veterinarians in Canada who have a general practice licence in good standing.
  • You need not be a CVMA member to apply for CVR membership. 
  • There are no fees for CVR membership.
  • Service in an emergency response is always at your own discretion.
  • If you are called to serve in an emergency response you will be remunerated fairly for your service.

To apply online you must use a login and password.  If you have never visited the CVMA/CVR website before you may not be aware of your login and password.  There is a pre-assigned CVMA/CVR login/password for all veterinarians who are licenced to practice in Canada.

To retrieve your login and password for this site, please contact the CVR Administrator at OR CALL  613-236-1162 ext. 130 or 110.   TOLL FREE 1-800-567-2862