CVR – Foreign Animal Disease Emergency Response

In addition to protecting the health of food animals, the CFIA leads the emergency response if an outbreak of animal disease, foreign to Canada, occurs in food animals.


When a foreign animal disease (FAD) is suspected or detected in Canada, the CFIA leads the emergency response to control and eradicate the disease.  If a disease outbreak is very large in scale, or if the response to control it is prolonged, the CFIA may require additional veterinary expertise to assist their own teams or to provide rest and relief for CFIA teams.  The CVR may be called to supplement CFIA resources and/or provide the CFIA with the opportunity to rest their teams.  This veterinary “surge capacity” is the primary service the CVR provides.


In short then, the CVR was created to provide supplemental veterinary resources (“surge capacity”) to the CFIA in the event of a foreign animal disease outbreak in Canada that exceeds the veterinary response capacity of the CFIA.