CVMA | CVR – Management & Governance

CVR – Management & Governance


  • CVMA Executive and Council are responsible for strategic planning and the overall direction of the CVR.
  • The CVMA Chief Executive Officer reports to CVMA Council and oversees all aspects of the CVR program.
  • The CVR Administrator is a CVMA staff member reporting to the CVMA Chief Executive Officer. The Administrator provides administrative support for the CVR and is the primary contact person for CVR reservists and members.
  • CVR Members are mostly private practice veterinarians who have applied and been accepted for CVR membership and will become CVR Reservists when required training is completed.
  • CVR Reservists are CVR Members who have completed all training required to make them eligible to deploy on behalf of the CVR to serve in animal emergency response.
  • The CVR Advisory Board consists of representatives of animal health and welfare stakeholders in Canada.  This advisory board represents stakeholders, promotes the CVR amongst stakeholder groups and provides policy advice in regard to the CVR to CVMA Executive and Council.