CVMA | "Response Readiness" to CVR Response Priorities

"Response Readiness" to CVR Response Priorities

When the CVR was established in 2006 three main priorities were set:

  1. Surge capacity for the CFIA in the event of a foreign animal disease (FAD) outbreak;
  2. Surge capacity for Canada in the event of large-scale natural or man-made disasters affecting animal health and welfare; and
  3. Surge capacity for other countries in FAD outbreaks and/or large-scale emergencies and disasters affecting animals.


CVR Response Readiness:

  1. Foreign Animal Disease Response: The CFIA supports the CVR to maintain a base of 200 response-ready Reservists, available to provide surge capacity to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency on an as and when needed basis.  
  2. Disaster Response (Natural or Man-made): CVR Reservists are also available to assist in other types of emergencies and disasters, but the structure is different than for FAD.  In FAD response the lead responder is the CFIA which is a federal government agency.  In most cases, response to natural or man-made disasters is led by the province or territory in which the event occurs and not by an agency of the federal government.  If the event overwhelms the response capacity of the provinces or territories, the federal government may play a coordinating and response role.