CVMA Member Consultation Process on Position Statements

The process to develop a position statement is initiated by the CVMA to address issues and situations that concern the profession. The development of the position statement takes into consideration current scientific evidence and matters of ethics. Click here to review details of the role and utility of CVMA position statements. 

Draft position statements are posted on the CVMA website for member consultation within the General Position Statements or the Animal Welfare Position Statements sections found under the Policy & Advocacy tab. Marked as “For Member Consultation,” only CVMA members are permitted to review and comment on the draft positions.

The CVMA’s National Issues Committee or Animal Welfare Committee carefully considers member feedback and final positions are prepared. In addition to CVMA members, provincial veterinary regulatory bodies are provided with a draft copy and an invitation to comment. The final draft versions of position statements are reviewed by Council, and approved positions are posted on the CVMA website.


Please read carefully

By participating in the member consultation on a position statement, members agree to comply with the following terms:

  • Messages posted must be for the sole purpose of discussing the draft position statement in question. CVMA welcomes evidence-based comments (including citations if possible).
  • Posts must not be defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive, or contain illegal information or material.
  • Posts must not contain any confidential or sensitive information, or any information that would infringe upon the proprietary, privacy or personal rights of others.
  • Posts must not contain information or comments concerning individual disciplinary cases or Human Rights Tribunal litigation.
  • All comments must be respectful at all times of other participants and must maintain a professional tone in their comments.
  • Members must be courteous in their comments and express openness to alternative perspectives.
  • Posts must not contain political arguments, rants, satire, and inappropriate language.
  • Members must strive to be accurate, complete and relevant in their posted comments.
  • Draft positions should be treated as confidential and should not be copied and forwarded to parties who are not CVMA Members

The CVMA does not apply editorial control of postings, however it does monitor comments for their appropriateness. In the event of inappropriate or unauthorized postings, the CVMA, reserves the right to remove, at its discretion, any inappropriate posting and will terminate the access of any user who does not abide by these terms.