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09-25-2019Self compassion as a wellness tool in veterinary medicine (13 min video)
09-01-2019Veterinary Wellness Article - Moving from compassion fatigue to compassion resilience Part 2: Understand compassion fatigue (The CVJ)
06-26-2019Veterinary Wellness Article - Moving from compassion fatigue to compassion resilience Part 1: Compassion - A health care priority, core value, and ethical imperative (The CVJ)
04-10-2019Commentary: Veterinarians need better boundaries
11-23-2018Looking Out for Number One! Achieve Mental Well-Being by Practicing Self-Care
08-13-2018How Do Veterinarians Die?
07-26-2018Veterinary Wellness Article - Burnout: Prescription for a happier healthier you (The CVJ)
07-26-2018Veterinary Wellness Article - Compassion does not fatigue! (The CVJ)
07-26-2018Veterinary Wellness Article - Veterinary Happiness (The CVJ)
07-26-2018Veterinary Wellness Article - Health and Wellness (The CVJ)
06-22-2018Lessons from the clinic: Work-life balance (5 min video)
06-22-2018Addressing compassion fatigue in your clinic (3 min video)
06-22-2018Compassion fatigue (6 min video)
04-25-2018The CVMA Cares About You and Wants to Contribute to Your Overall Wellness
03-08-2018Veterinary Wellbeing Study 2017 : Merck Animal Health (U.S.)
01-29-2018Headspace - Blog
10-06-2017AAHA's Guide to Veterinary Practice Team Wellbeing
08-31-2017Dimensions of wellness: Change your habits, change your life
08-31-2017Hit the Pause Button - Learning to Breathe Throughout the Day
06-06-2017Monitor Human Health Too - Bovine Veterinarian
04-11-2017Take Control of your Veterinary Career - British Veterinary Association
11-14-2016Wellness at work: Building healthy workplaces
10-27-2016Wellness Risk Factor Study Finds Positive Correlation to VMA Membership
10-26-2016"It's OK" Wellness Videos (Students of the AVMA)
10-24-2016The Importance of Wellness in Veterinary Medicine (VETgirl Veterinary CE Blog)
10-24-2016Suicide Awareness: Dr. Sophia Yin (VETgirl Veterinary CE Free Webinar Blog)
09-23-2016Mental Health and Veterinarians
09-21-2016Why Do So Many Veterinarians Commit Suicide?
09-16-2016Suicide in Vet Medicine: It Doesn't Have To Be This Way
08-11-2016Vets at Risk: Make a Difference Through Workplace Wellness
08-11-2016Professional Quality of Life (ProQOL) Assessment (PDF)
07-28-2016Critical Care Vet
07-28-2016Wellness and Peer Assistance (American Veterinary Medical Association)
07-28-2016VetHealth (Australian Veterinary Association)
07-28-2016Mental Health Awareness (Ontario Veterinary Medical Association)
01-21-2016Cyberbullying in the Veterinary Profession
12-11-2015I’m Being Cyber-Bullied
07-03-2015Stress Almost Drove Me Out of Vet Medicine
04-01-2015Work and Life as a Continuum
01-28-2015Suicide in Veterinary Medicine: Let's Talk About It
07-12-2014Veterinarian and Animal Health Technician Wellness: The Ups, the Downs and Maintaining Momentum
02-03-2014Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
08-12-2013Burnout and Health Promotion in Veterinary Medicine
04-01-2013The Wellness Bucket
11-13-2012Wellness of Veterinarians - CVMA National Survey Results (2012)
11-12-2012Long-Term Exhaustion and Burnout: What is it, How Does it Happen?
07-19-20122012 Veterinary Summit – Mindful Veterinary Practice
07-19-20122012 Veterinary Summit – Mental Health and Stress in the Veterinary Profession: Recent Research and Experience
07-19-20122012 Veterinary Summit – Member Wellness - "The Art of Maintaining Your Sanity"
07-19-20122012 Veterinary Summit – Life-Work Balance
07-19-20122012 Veterinary Summit – Professionalism in Veterinary Medicine
07-19-20122012 Veterinary Summit – Psychology at the Service of Veterinary Medicine
07-19-20122012 Veterinary Summit – The Art of Maintaining Our Sanity
07-19-20122012 Veterinary Summit – Report of the CVMA Task Force on Member Wellness
07-19-20122012 Veterinary Summit – Veterinary Student Wellness
07-21-2006Abuse and Diversion of Controlled Substances: A Guide for Health Professionals