News & Events

06/23/2016Use of Categorization of Medically Important Antimicrobial Drugs in Human Medicine
06/23/2016Online from 339 - June 2016
06/23/2016July 2016 Issue of The CVJ Now Available
06/20/2016CVMA’s Emerging Leader’s Program
06/17/2016Your Views on a Revised Position Statement: Partial Digital Amputation (Onychectomy or Declawing) of the Domestic FELID
06/16/2016CVMA Requests Your Support for Bill C-246, the Modernizing Animal Protections Act
06/15/2016Information to Stakeholders: Regarding the Issuance of a Section 56 Class Exemption for Barbituric Acid, Naloxegol and its salts, Methylnaltrexone and its salts, and the salts of Nalmefene, Naloxone and Naltrexone
06/14/2016CVMA’s Green Veterinary Practice Gives Tips on Water Conservation and Energy Efficiency
06/10/2016Reminder: Your Views on "Importation of Dogs into Canada"
06/09/20162016 CVMA Summit: Antimicrobials in Animal Health — The New Reality
06/08/2016Coming Events - July 2016
06/07/2016Order Animal Health Week Materials Now!
06/03/2016Fraud Warnings
06/03/2016CVMA Welcomes Dr. Kathleen MacMillan to Council as AVC/FMV Representative
06/02/2016Pet Jerky Treats Linked to Hundreds of Dog Deaths
06/02/2016New Training Videos Available on Partners for Healthy Pets Website!
06/02/2016Sweetener Xylitol Toxic to Dogs, FDA Warns
05/26/2016Prescribing and Dispensing – A Professional Responsibility
05/12/2016Volunteers Sought for Annual CVMA Convention
05/11/2016Update - Bill C-246 "Modernizing Animals Protection Act"
05/02/2016SBCV Annual Delta Equine Seminar
05/02/2016CVMA-SBCV Chapter Fall Conference and Trade Show