Alternative Medicine. No Longer Alternative?

The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) held its second National Issues Forum on July 13, 2017 in Charlottetown, P.E.I., during its annual convention.

The Forum, titled, “Alternative Medicine. No Longer Alternative?” will feature a panel of veterinarians with divergent viewpoints discussing companion animal, large animal, and academia perspectives.

The featured panel, moderated by Dr. Art Ortenburger, Atlantic Veterinary College, will include:

  • Dr. Jim Berry, small animal practitioner and co-owner of Douglas Animal Hospital
  • Dr. Christine Savidge, small animal internal medicine specialist, Atlantic Veterinary College
  • Dr. Laura Taylor, holistic veterinarian practicing osteopathy and other alternative treatments on horses, cats, and dogs

The Forum will feature an interactive format, including live polling and audience engagement. This is an opportunity for CVMA members to provide guidance to the National Issues Committee on the development of CVMA’s renewed position statement on alternative medicine..

Questions that may be addressed during the Forum include:

  • How is the role of the Complementary-Alternative Medicine (CAVM) changing in Canadian veterinary practices?
  • How will the present trend impact veterinary practices in the coming years?
  • Is the CAVM label still relevant given the mainstream use of a number of modalities?
  • How should we view modalities that are not so mainstream?
  • Is the current position statement on CAVM still relevant as written?