The Dog Days of Summer: Preventing the Spread of Dog Flu

Summer is the perfect time to start discussing canine flu prevention. As many Canadians prepare for family holidays, one item to add to the summer vacation checklist is the canine flu vaccine.

Many will bring their furry friends with them on vacation where their beloved pet may be exposed to other dogs or communities where canine flu is present. Others families will opt for doggy daycares or boarding facilities where there are many commingling dogs and the risk of spreading canine flu is high. The best preventative measure dog owners can take to protect their beloved pets against canine flu is education and vaccination. CVMA, with support from Merck Animal Health, has developed three posters that will help prompt important discussions around canine flu and preventative measures dog owners can take. Download them for free below.

You can learn more about canine influenza and preventative measures through the following resources: