Antimicrobial Resistance, Surveillance and Stewardship

Health care professionals, both in human and animal health, rely on antimicrobials to treat, prevent and control infections.

Use of Cannabinoids in Veterinary Medicine

Veterinarians are frequently fielding questions from companion animal owners, livestock producers, and others about the potential therapeutic benefits of using cannabis in animals.

Veterinarians and Climate Change

Climate change poses a global threat to human and animal health.

COVID-19 and Animals

COVID-19 has impacted animals at varying levels. It is variable, pets do not play a role in transmitting COVID-19 to humans.

Dog Importation

A large number of companion animals, mostly dogs, are imported into Canada every year from countries where public health, animal disease and animal welfare standards may differ from Canada’s. 

Technology and Veterinary Medicine

Advances in technology now allow veterinary medicine to be practiced from a distance.

Veterinarians and One Health

As the world becomes more interconnected it is apparent that human health, animal health and ecosystem health professionals need to work together to ensure a healthy future for animals, humans, and the planet.

Animal Health and Welfare Legislation and Regulation

As the national professional association for Canada’s veterinarians, the CVMA lobbies the federal government for political and regulatory changes.

Extreme Conformations

Certain animals are being bred to have extreme conformations.

Veterinary Workforce Shortage

Across Canada, veterinary professionals (veterinarians and veterinary technologists/technicians) are increasingly concerned with the current state of the veterinary profession and its future.