Animal Health and Welfare Legislation and Regulation

The Issue

As the national professional association for Canada’s veterinarians, the CVMA lobbies the federal government for political and regulatory changes. CVMA is a leading advocate for animal welfare in Canada, providing a voice for the veterinary profession at the national level on a variety of issues related to animal health and welfare.

Why it Matters

Canadian veterinarians prioritize the health and welfare of animals.  The CVMA identifies risks and gaps in regulation related to the oversight of all species in our respective areas of concern.  This can refer to food animals, companion animals, wildlife, those in collections and those in research facilities. As it relates to food animals, addressing risks to health and welfare underpins a safe and secure food supply, public health, and a strong economy.  

CVMA Action

Through the CVMA Animal Welfare Committee, lobbying efforts are underway to address specific animal welfare matters. 

2022: CVMA will continue to lobby for 

  • solutions to address the veterinary workforce shortage, for 
  • effective and consistent animal transportation enforcement of non-compliances to promote best practices related to animal welfare during transport and for 
  • ongoing review of risks to animals from live animal imports and exports.  Additionally, the CVMA will continue to identify 
  • review of the risks of the current model of inconsistent cross jurisdictional animal welfare legislation and enforcement and to lobby for  
  • increased harmonization of provincial animal welfare legislation.

2021: CVMA lobbied for changes to the commercial importation requirements for dogs (learn more here). CVMA voiced concerns on the use of strychnine and similar compounds as predacides for nuisance animal control (read the letter here). 

March 2022

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