Technology and Veterinary Medicine

The Issue

Advances in technology now allow veterinary medicine to be practiced from a distance. Telemedicine is the practice of veterinary medicine using telecommunications between a veterinarian and animal owner. Other terms used in telemedicine include telehealth, teleconsultation, teletriage. Regulations for telemedicine may differ from province to province, veterinarians must become familiar with the regulations set out by the provincial licensing body in their jurisdiction.

Why it Matters

Telemedicine allows veterinarians to manage their patients’ healthcare needs from a distance. During COVID-19 lockdowns, telemedicine allowed veterinarians to continue to provide care for patients that could not be seen in person. With the current shortage of veterinarians and veterinary technicians, telemedicine appointments may be able to help fill some of the in-person care gaps that currently exist in veterinary medicine.

CVMA Action

The CVMA guides veterinarians on the implications of changing technology on the profession.


  • The CVMA will explore other areas where technology is impacting the veterinary profession and consider how technology might assist in the current veterinary workforce shortage.


  • Produced a new CVMA Position Statement on Telemedicine, in consultation with veterinary regulatory bodies across Canada and CVMA members, to raise awareness among the public on telehealth and telemedicine. 



March 2022

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