As of April 1, 2014, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is no longer conducting rabies response activities (e.g., sample collection, submission, post-exposure management). CFIA will continue to perform and cover costs for testing involving rabies-suspect animals that may have exposed domestic animals and/or humans to the virus.

CVMA understands that several provinces are designing rabies response systems to manage the responsibilities that are being shifted from the CFIA. In some provinces, it is anticipated that veterinary staff (veterinarians and/or technicians) may be involved in rabies response duties. To support practitioner involvement in these duties, CFIA’s rabies training material is available on CVMA’s website to provide specific guidance on rabies-suspect sample collection, submission, etc. Veterinarians are advised to contact their provincial veterinary authority (i.e., Chief Veterinary Office or equivalent) for specific information on changes to rabies management in their province, and their possible involvement in rabies response activities.

Veterinarians should continue to contact local public health authorities whenever a person is bitten by an animal (wild or domestic) and for any public health concerns associated with rabies.

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