Authorized Requestors are governments and government agencies. When a foreign animal disease (FAD) is suspected or detected in Canada, the CFIA leads the emergency response to control and eradicate the disease. If a disease outbreak is very large in scale, or if the response to control it is prolonged, the CFIA may require additional veterinary expertise to assist their own teams or to provide rest and relief for CFIA teams.

This is Where the CVR Can Help

The CVR may be called to supplement CFIA resources and/or provide the CFIA with the opportunity to rest their teams. This veterinary “surge capacity” is the primary service the CVR provides.

In short, the CVR was created to provide supplemental veterinary resources (“surge capacity”) to the CFIA in the event of an FAD outbreak in Canada that exceeds the veterinary response capacity of the CFIA. But is not limited to providing resources to the CFIA only. In addition to the CVR’s primary role of providing surge capacity to the CFIA, the CVMA’s CVR program is also responsive to the needs of animals in large scale disasters in Canada as well as internationally.

How to Request the Services of the CVR – Call Up Process

The requestor must first fill in the CVR Request Form. A sample is made available here. Should the requestor decide to initiate a call up by the CVR, a fillable form can be requested by email or by phone to the CVR Administrator or CEO ( . The requestor will determine how many Reservists are required and what experience, training and skills are necessary for the response. A service contract with a list of search criteria is sent to the CVMA/CVR. The CVMA/CVR provide the Requestor with a list of CVR Members that meet the criteria requested. The Requestor will direct the CVMA/CVR to proceed with a Call Up Notice to some or all of those who meet the criteria.

The CVR Call Up Notice is accompanied by an information package, including a Terms of Reference (description of the emergency, need, conditions of participation and basic logistical information) and a sample requestor contract.

Those CVR Members who reply to the Call Up Notice and indicate that they are willing to deploy to serve in the emergency will be added to the “available to deploy” list.

The requestor will use this list to select those to be deployed and, if deployment occurs, the requestor will manage all communication and administration for deployed Reservists from the point of deployment through to their return home after serving in the emergency.