A number of training opportunities are offered through membership in the CVR.

The CVR website provides access to online training. Other types of training in the form of exercises, simulations and practice drills are also a part of the CVR training mix.

Online Training Modules

Important Information

The orientation modules are currently being reviewed and updated. The CVR administrator will advise once they are available.

CVR Orientation Training is the first step in training for CVR members. The training modules should be taken in the order as presented below. Here’s a brief overview of the three CVR Orientation modules:

CVR General Orientation Module

This module will familiarize CVR members with the CVR’s history, purpose and general operations. Participants will also learn about Canada’s legislative framework for dealing with emergencies that affect animals and where the CVR fits within that framework.

CVR Introduction to Incident Command System (ICS) Module

This ICS module has been developed for the CVR courtesy of the Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC) - a leader in Canada’s public safety education sector. It provides a general overview of the Incident Command System and how it is applied in emergencies. Note: The JIBC has a full menu of online courses relating to emergency preparedness and response that may be of interest to CVR members. Visit their website at www.jibc.ca.

CVR Call-Up Process and Procedures Module

This third and final module in the Orientation package informs CVR members of the various types of communication they can expect to receive from the CVR if there is an emergency event that requires activation of the CVR and deployment of CVR Reservists. It also deals with the issues of personal and business preparedness when called to serve in an emergency response.

Once you have completed those modules, please advise the CVR administrator. You will also need to read and sign the CVR waiver before becoming a Reservist.