24/7 Peer-to-Peer Support from Togetherall

Canadian veterinarians and Canadian veterinary school students can now join the Togetherall peer-to-peer platform – a powerful mental health support resource available 24/7 at no cost, anytime and anywhere they have internet connection.

Offering the opportunity to improve mental wellness by receiving and providing support, Togetherall is an online peer-to-peer community supported by integrated services and safety nets—including anonymous interactions and supervision by licensed mental health practitioners—that empowers members to openly share their innermost thoughts and feelings in an inclusive environment.

In addition to partnering with Merck Animal Health for It’s Time to Talk About Mental Health in Veterinary Medicine Awareness Week each September, the CVMA offers members a wellness resource toolkit that continually evolves with the changing needs of the veterinary community. Thanks to funding provided by Western Financial, the CVMA has been able to advance this mission by offering Togetherall to all Canadian veterinarians and veterinary students.

“Despite the disproportionately high percentage of veterinary professionals who report mental health challenges, many of them are reluctant to discuss their concerns with others and even less likely to adopt self-care strategies or seek professional help,” said Dr. Kathy Keil, Chair of the CVMA Wellness Advisory Group. “In the Togetherall community, there’s no stigma to reaching out for support because users interact anonymously with each other.”

The CVMA joins a robust list of partners, including organizations in the corporate, education, health and non-profit sectors, benefiting from the unique peer-to-peer platform. Through these partnerships, Togetherall is available to more than 10 million people worldwide. In a 2021 survey of Togetherall users, nearly 50 per cent said they joined because of the anonymity feature, while 40 per cent said they were attracted to Togetherall for its safety and moderation by professionals.

The platform includes a variety of self-directed courses, self-assessments, journals, and articles available as part of the Togetherall’s service. These tools help individuals further engage in their own recovery and support journey.

Togetherall offers the opportunity to connect with a global community of people who are interested in seeking support from and supporting others around stress and mental health. The anonymous platform is clinically moderated to ensure safety and inclusivity. Now, Canadian veterinarians and veterinary students have an opportunity to connect more directly with others in the veterinary field. Within Togetherall, there are now Role-Based Groups; message boards that allow for people with similar roles to connect with each other. There is a specific role-based Veterinary Medicine group for those within the veterinary field to connect and share challenges, successes, struggles, and triumphs around their careers and interests. Check it out and find support in a safe, anonymous, online environment.

Watch this webinar to learn how this platform can support you anytime, anywhere. We encourage Canadian veterinarians and veterinary students to join this unique Togetherall community here

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