The National Examining Board (NEB) operates in all matters pertaining to the administration of the National Examining Board examination. The NEB makes recommendations to CVMA Council on all other matters involving the assessment and enhancement of veterinarians in Canada.

Candidates:  For information, please refer to the enrollment guide and resource documents in the National Examining Board section of this website.



Dr. Jack Wilson

Member (AB)

Dr. Annabelle Denson

Member (NB, NS, PEI, NL)

Dr. Juanita Glencross-Winslow

Member, Public

Ms. Susan Hodgson

Member (ON)

Dr. Suminder Sawhney

Member (SK, MB)

Dr. David Scammell

Member (QC)

Dr. Mihàly Szöke

Member (BC)

Dr. Joanne Weetman


Mr. Jost am Rhyn

Council Liaison

Dr. Louis Kwantes

CVMA Staff Resource