Veterinary Workforce Shortage

The Issue

Across Canada, veterinary professionals (veterinarians and veterinary technologists/technicians) are increasingly concerned with the current state of the veterinary profession and its future. A severe shortage of veterinary professionals is negatively impacting the health and well-being of the veterinary workforce and places additional pressures on the level of quality care they can provide for their clients.

Why it Matters

The shortage of veterinary professionals is a worldwide issue. In Canada, clinic owners and other veterinary employers struggle to hire and retain veterinary professionals while maintaining the highest levels of quality care for their clients. Canadian veterinary colleges’ annual graduation rates for veterinarians barely meet the rate of attrition from the profession. Net annual growth to the veterinary professional base in Canada is essential to retaining veterinary professionals and continuing to provide quality service for veterinary clients. In a highly competitive market for veterinary professionals worldwide, it is imperative to address these Canada-wide shortages urgently.

CVMA Action

The CVMA has initiated the Veterinary Workforce Project to assist and support veterinary stakeholders in identifying and delivering on solutions to both veterinary workforce shortages and workplace well-being.

CVMA investments and initiatives to date include:

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