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09-15-2021COVID Review in Animals, Updated: Part 1, Cats
09-14-2021Respiratory Disease Outbreaks In Dogs
09-14-2021September Is Animal Pain Awareness Month: Options in Pain Management Can Offer Relief to the 45 Million Pets Suffering from Chronic or Acute Pain
09-14-2021New Peer-Reviewed Study from BC SPCA Finds No Increase in Cat Relinquishment Following Ban on Declawing
09-13-20212021 SVMA Webinar Series
09-10-2021Recorded Webinar: Do You Feel Like an Imposter? You Are Not Alone. Take Action to Learn About Imposter Syndrome in Vet Med.
09-10-2021The OIE on African Swine Fever and Public-Private Partnerships
09-10-2021CVMA Member Consultation: Decision-Making for Mass Depopulation of Domesticated Animals – Position Statement
09-10-2021FAO/OIE/WHO United Against Rabies Forum - Annual Stakeholder Event 2021
09-10-2021ENOVAT and WSAVA Join Forces on Clinical Guidelines for Antimicrobial Treatment
09-09-2021Stop African Swine Fever (ASF): Public and Private Partnering for Success
09-09-2021WVA INFONEWS - AUGUST 2021 - Communicating About Uncertainty - Petition Against Banning Antimicrobials for Animals - WVAC2022
09-09-2021Guidance for Veterinarians on Public Use of Veterinary Ivermectin
09-09-2021Animal Nutrition Strategies and Options to Reduce the Use of Antimicrobials in Animal Production
09-09-2021Impact of COVID-19 on the Delivery of Veterinary Services and Animal Disease Reporting
09-09-2021ASF Veterinary Poster - You Can Stop ASF Spread
09-07-2021CFIA podcast: ASF episode LIVE!
09-02-2021Animal Health + Human Health + Planet Health = One Health - Animal Health Week 2021 (October 3 to 9, 2021)
09-02-20212022 CVMA Awards Nominate a Deserving Colleague Nominations Due January 31, 2022
09-01-2021Health Canada Public Advisory - Ivermectin Not Authorized to Prevent or Treat COVID-19; May Cause Serious Health Problems
08-27-20212021/2022 CVMA President’s Message - Collegiality, Cooperation, and Collaboration
08-27-2021New Veterinary Medical Ethics Team
08-27-20212021 World Rabies Day - World Rabies Day is September 28 of Each Year
08-26-2021PANVET 2021 - The Pan American Congress of Veterinary Sciences
08-26-2021Never Stop Learning - 2021 SVMA Webinar Series
08-10-2021AVMA Wins World Veterinary Day Award 2021 Recognizing the Veterinary Response to the COVID-19 Crisis
08-10-2021WSAVA Global Community Congress - November 13-15, 2021
08-10-2021Humane Canada's Canadian Violence Link Conference: November 4-5, 2021
08-09-2021CVMA Members are Invited to Participate in the AVMA Animal Welfare Assessment Contest