CVMA | Business Management

Business Management

The CVMA’s Business Management Program (BMP) was developed to support and help all members, regardless ofCVMA Business Management Program employment type, achieve a successful career and a balanced life.

This program helps veterinary practices and practice owner/partners by:

  • helping practices benchmark their financial performance and competitiveness, establish fees, and determine compensation and benefits levels for associate veterinarians and non-DVM staff through provincial veterinary Practice Owners Economic Surveys;
  • publishing practice management articles in The Canadian Veterinary Journal, comparing and analyzing compensation, benefits, fees, inflation, budgets, and trends across the country and gives advice on topics such as attracting clients and managing purchases;
  • providing veterinarians easy access to pertinent online resources and information on personal financial management, veterinary business management, and client management through the CVMA’s online Career and Business Toolkit.

This program helps Associate Veterinarians by:

  • investigating all aspects of compensation and benefits through the Survey of Compensation and Benefits for Associate Veterinarians, a member service provided by the CVMA in collaboration with the provincial Veterinary Medical Associations.  This survey is designed to examine the compensation and benefits provided to associate (non-owner) veterinarians in private practice and examines several characteristics (type of practice, years in practice, location, types of compensation, etc.) The resulting produces the Report on Compensation and Benefits for Associate Veterinarians -- an important benchmarking tool.

This program helps Veterinarians in Government, Industry, and Academe by:


The CVMA acknowledges the collaboration of the provincial veterinary medical associations and appreciates the program co-partners for their financial support.