2019 National Tick Awareness Month Communication Material

Mar 1, 2019

Take "tick talk" online during National Tick Awareness Month

The 2019 National Tick Awareness Month campaign launches TickTalkCanada.com, a new educational website for Canadian pet owners.

Material produced for the 2018 "What do you really know about ticks?" campaign, including a video animation and a series of 12 shareable "The truth about ticks" videos in which Canadian veterinarian Dr. Scott Stevenson answers common pet-owner questions about ticks, is prominently featured on the new website.  

"Last year's campaign was inspired by what pet owners want to know about ticks. While client education remains the focus of this year's campaign, we've taken things up a notch by bringing the message directly to pet owners, which was the most common request we received from veterinarians during the three previous campaigns," says Dr. Terri Chotowetz, CVMA President.

"Many pet owners are already online looking for information about ticks, but don't always know which sites to trust," adds Dr. Chotowetz. "We created TickTalkCanada.com to provide pet owners with a credible online resource, with the goal of initiating 'tick talk' and encouraging clients to continue a meaningful tick-control conversation with their veterinarian."

In addition to the TickTalkCanada.com website, the 2019 NTAM campaign will also feature:

  • A web-based ad campaign to drive traffic to the website and to veterinary clinics.
  • A Social Media ShareableVideo and a Social Media Shareable Graphic to share on your social media platforms to encourage clients to visit the new website for answers to their questions. 
  • A Waiting Room Poster (8.5" by 11" and 11" by 17") you can print and display in your clinic or hospital to support the campaign and encourage pet owners to engage in "tick talk" with their veterinary team.
  • Two additional CVMA members only Social Media Shareable Graphics (version 1 and version 2) to share on your social media platforms. 

Please visit the CVMA website for more information on National Tick Awareness Month and to access NTAM resources.

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