CVMA partner, Moneris provides a step-by-step guide on how veterinary practices can establish an online presence by launching an e-commerce website

Jul 1, 2021

Investing in e-commerce can be a valuable addition to your revenue stream. People can order everything online from dog food to prescriptions — without leaving the comfort of their home. The strength of e-commerce lies in its convenience as potential clients can find your practice from anywhere with an internet connection. Step-by-step e-commerce plan Before anything else, you need to lay the groundwork with some pre-launch preparation. The best way to start involves a plan, similar to an overall business plan, specifically focused on e-commerce. It doesn’t need to be complicated; however, it does need to outline the essentials for getting up and running online. Now that we laid the groundwork, the next step is to choose the right e-commerce solution for your practice. Every practice has specific needs, while various platforms have strengths and weaknesses. An essential factor in selecting the best e-commerce solution is whether it offers the right features for your practice.

Although you could create a website in minutes, without a proper launch strategy, you run the risk of losing out on potential opportunity. With an organized approach to launching your website, you will set up the online business aspect of your practice for long-term, scalable success.

Accept all the online payment methods
With the expansion of e-commerce and the need for secure payment methods, more people are embracing digital wallet payments. Digital wallets have seen a surge in popularity in the last few years, not only for the security they provide, but also for the great convenience involved. To meet the changing preferences of customers, it’s important to evolve your website and provide a smooth experience. While a mobile-friendly website is a big part of it, you also have to offer a seamless checkout experience with alternative payment methods.

Set up curbside pickup
Curbside pickup simplifies shopping by allowing customers to browse through your products safely, whenever and wherever they want. Allowing customers to order online and pick up at your physical location can help you save on shipping costs, utilize in-store inventory, and increase overall sales. Curbside drop-off and pickup are already an integral part of the new normal for veterinarians across the country. By giving your customers the ability to pick up Fluffy’s favorite food and prescription at the same time, you are creating a revenue opportunity with minimal effort.

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