Regurgitation in Birds Can Be Both Normal and Abnormal

Oct 24, 2012

Regurgitation can be either a normal function or a sign of a medical problem in birds. Head and neck bobbing, and occasionally chewing motions, can be associated with regurgitation and is quite common in birds. For example, during courtship or when stimulated, a male bird may bob its head up and down, open its mouth frequently, and regurgitate.

Abnormal regurgitation may be caused by a number of factors. A bird with a thyroid gland problem can exhibit marked swallowing movements, regurgitation, and laboured respiration. Inflammation of the crop can cause regurgitation of seed and mucous as well. Regurgitation by an otherwise healthy bird may also be a sign of a neurosis.

If your bird exhibits signs of regurgitation, consult your veterinarian.