Taking Your Bird to the Veterinary Clinic

Oct 24, 2012

Some things to keep in mind when preparing for your bird’s veterinary appointment:

  • Do not clean out your bird’s cage before a veterinary check-up
  • Transport the bird in its cage if possible and cover the contents on the bottom of the cage with wax paper so that the layer stays intact for veterinary examination
  • Bring along your bird’s medical record chronicling any deworming/mite treatments, psittacosis or other test results, and a record of where you purchased/obtained the bird
  • If possible, arrange for a check up in warm weather. Otherwise be sure to pre-heat your vehicle and drape the cage with a towel or blanket to ward off drafts
  • Bring along samples of your bird’s diet including food and water samples, utensils, toys, and calcium sources for examination
  • Empty your bird’s water dish before transport
  • If transporting your bird in a cardboard box, line the box with paper towel and ensure enough air holes of appropriate size are present and the lid is well secured. You may wish to bring a snapshot of your bird’s housing situation or aviary so that the veterinarian can see the cage size, room layout, toys etc.
  • For very large birds, remember to bring along any handling gloves you would normally use and be sure to advise the veterinary team in advance if these birds are not used to being handled.