Petsecure-CVMA Partnership Brings the Working Mind to Support Veterinary Teams

May 1, 2024

Winnipeg, MB – April 30, 2024 – Petsecure Pet Health Insurance, a dynamic pet insurance company, is excited to announce its new partnership with the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) to deliver an empowering mental health program to veterinary teams.

The Working Mind training course addresses the inherent workplace stresses experienced by many people in the veterinary profession.

"Veterinary practices employ very resilient folks who move from the joys of fluffy kitten wellness exams in one room to the sorrow of euthanasia of a pet in the next – and all the emotions and experiences in between. At Petsecure, we believe in solutions that allow veterinary teams to do what they do best – practice great veterinary medicine. Sponsorship of The Working Mind Program reflects our commitment to our colleagues who are dealing with the highs and lows of caring for animals every day,” shares Dr. Colleen Fisher, Petsecure’s Veterinary Medical Director and longtime member of the CVMA.

“We are grateful to Petsecure for supporting this important program,” says Dr. Trevor Lawson, CVMA President. “It is clear from participant feedback that The Working Mind courses teach healthy coping mechanisms for dealing with stress. This, in turn, cultivates a healthy work culture which positively correlates with high well-being, low burnout, and absence of serious psychological distress in veterinary professionals. It is imperative that we offer this type of support to our hard-working veterinary teams so we can ensure a healthy and safe future for animals, clients, and the public.”  

Veterinary managers and employees who have attended the program report improved attitudes toward mental health distress, increased resiliency during difficult times, and an overall increase in mental and emotional wellness.

Petsecure is dedicated to solutions that build mental readiness and improve the practice culture, so veterinary teams can offer the best care for their animal patients and human clients. While new advancements in veterinary care allow for lifesaving treatments, these procedures may not fit the budget of every loving pet owner. Petsecure plans offer customizable premium and benefit options for Canadian dog and cat owners to help cover unexpected veterinary fees.

The Working Mind is more than a mental health program; it is a strategic investment in the passion and expertise of Canadian veterinary professionals as they offer great care to their furry patients.

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About the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association

The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) is the national and international voice for Canada’s veterinarians, providing leadership and advocacy for veterinary medicine. Visit to learn more.

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