The CVMA Presents Two Revised Position Statements

June 8, 2022

Decision Making For Mass Depopulation of Domesticated Animals

The CVMA strongly recommends that in all situations where mass depopulation of domesticated animals is considered, a comprehensive and transparent decision-making process be in place to assist livestock producers, commodity groups and regulatory authorities in developing a clear rationale for depopulation versus alternative strategies. Veterinarians should play a prominent role in the design and application of the decision-making process which should be grounded by an ethical framework that facilitates the assessment of the risks and benefits of mass depopulation versus alternative strategies.

Microchip Animal Identification In Small (Companion) Animals

The CVMA supports the permanent identification of small (companion) animals with radio-frequency identification (RFID) products that comply with standards of the International Standards Organization (ISO). The CVMA holds that the implantation of a microchip should be carried out by a licensed veterinarian or where permitted by regulatory authorities, either a staff member under the supervision or guidance of a veterinarian, or by a trained individual following a protocol provided by a licensed veterinarian.