The Online Sale of Pets and the CVMA

September 14, 2023

The CVMA has recently received a request to support a petition appearing on encouraging veterinarians to speak against the sale of animals on a popular marketplace website.

As you are aware, the CVMA is a member and process driven association of veterinary and allied professionals. Our aim regarding issues such as this is to provide the best evidence-based information possible through due diligence and working with subject matter experts. We endeavour to provide unbiased information to our representatives across all disciplines and jurisdictions for decision. Our mandate is to offer a voice and support to the entire veterinary profession across all sectors and regions of Canada and to present all sides of issues that we address. We do, however, encourage members of the veterinary community to participate as individuals, as they see fit, in areas of concern to them, including those pertaining to animal welfare.

We have advised the party in question that, as with other animal welfare concerns, the CVMA will approach this issue through the lens of the veterinary profession. This includes a stepwise approach and full consultation with experts and presentation of the information to our leadership before any actions can be taken. We have also shared that the party is welcome to refer to any position statements regarding the sale of pets online that we may create in the future.

Please contact the CVMA at with questions or feedback on the above.