National Veterinary Association Educates Canadians on Animal Habitat Protection and Pandemic Prevention

September 27, 2022

OTTAWA, Ont. – The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) celebrates Animal Health Week from October 2 – 8, 2022, highlighting how animals, habitats, and human health are interdependent in creating healthy ecosystems and protecting biosecurity.

This year’s theme, Habitat Protection and Pandemic Prevention, displays how Canada’s veterinary professionals occupy unique positions within the national One Health community in protecting animal health which, in turn, protects everyone’s health.

“Our veterinary profession proudly embraces this year’s Animal Health Week theme, Habitat Protection and Pandemic Prevention. The goal is to educate the public that breaching habitats has the power to create many, substantial obstacles, including global pandemics,” explains Dr. Chris Bell, CVMA President. “Last year’s topic, One Health, displayed how the health of humans, animals, and the environment are so closely linked – this is also reflected in this year’s theme. The protection of animal habitats in turn protects the health of humans."

During Animal Health Week and beyond, we are asking animal owners to take the following actions:

  • Follow international and domestic regulations when importing and exporting animals and products.
  • Do not interfere with wildlife and their habitats.
  • Follow proper protocols when entering commercial food and farmed areas.
  • Implement best wellness practices for animals in your care.

“Highlighting how animals, habitats, and human health are mutually dependant in creating healthy ecosystems and protecting biosecurity can shed light on how global pandemics, including COVID-19, could have possibly been avoided if the proper measures were put into place. We need to protect all animal habitats to reduce the risk of contamination that could result in a number of negative consequences. Education is the key to making these changes,” adds Dr. Bell.

Veterinary practices across Canada are celebrating Animal Health Week this year by engaging their clientele through educational resources.

The CVMA celebrates Animal Health Week in partnership with the Registered Veterinary Technologists and Technicians of Canada. This year’s Animal Health Week is generously sponsored by iFinance Canada (Petcard) and Petsecure Pet Health Insurance.

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    The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association is the national and international voice for Canada’s veterinarians, providing leadership and advocacy for veterinary medicine. Animal Health Week is a national public awareness campaign organized by the CVMA and hosted by veterinarians across Canada. Each year, during the first week of October, veterinarians and veterinary hospitals and clinics across Canada promote animal health and responsible animal ownership as part the of Animal Health Week celebrations. Visit to learn more about the CVMA.

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