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Government Relations

CVMA advocates on behalf of Canadian veterinarians to influence relevant legislative and policy issues which may threaten the scope of practice of veterinarians and the health of humans and animals. CVMA has been involved in scheduling and registration of pharmaceuticals, drug access, prescribing privileges, the ability to use drugs extra-label, the use of antimicrobial drugs and antimicrobial resistance, animal protection and welfare legislation, labour mobility and more.


02-20-2019CVMA Letter to Health Canada: Open Consultation on Cannabis Edibles/Extracts/Topicals
02-05-2019Speaking notes: House of Commons’ Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights (Bill C-84, An Act to amend the Criminal Code (bestiality and animal fighting)
11-28-2018Letter to PHAC: Mitigation of Risks to Animal and Public Health from Dog Importation into Canada
05-31-2018CVMA Letter to Minister of Environment and Climate Change: Conversation on encouraging use of non-lead ammunition & fishing gear
05-30-2018 Letter to Minister of Environment and Climate Change: Lead in Ammunition and Fishing Gear
01-19-2018CVMA Letter to Health Canada: Proposed Approach to the Regulation of Cannabis
01-12-2018Response from Minister of Environment and Parks: Alberta's Management of Wolves
01-11-2018CVMA Letter to Health Canada: Input on the Fee Proposal for Drugs and Medical Devices
12-18-2017Joint Letter - Calling for Update to Canada’s Laws to Address Shortcomings Re: Bestiality and Animal Fighting
11-15-2017CVMA Presents on Antimicrobial Resistance at the House of Commons’ Standing Committee on Health
11-10-2017Presentation to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health on its Study of Antimicrobial Resistance
11-02-2017Letter to Minister of Environment and Parks: The Use of Toxins for the Control of Wolves
05-31-2017CVMA Submits Letter in Regards to Quebec Bill to Promote Protection by Establishing a Framework for the Regulation of Dogs
05-02-2017CVMA Letter to CFIA: Proposed Safe Food for Canadians Regulations Canada Gazette Vol.151, No. 3
04-04-2017Presentation to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food on Amendments to the Health of Animal Regulations (Humane Transportation) - April 4, 2017
03-06-2017CVMA Letter to CFIA - Federal Regulations Amending the Health of Animals Regulations (Part XII) Statutory authority Vol. 150, No. 49
11-10-2016CVMA Participates in On-Farm Antimicrobial Use Surveillance Workshop
09-16-2016CVMA Proposed Amendments to Bill C-246
09-08-2016Letter to Honourable Minister Jane Philpott - August 2016
06-23-2016CVMA Participates in First Federal, Provincial, Territorial Antimicrobial Resistance Steering Committee
05-11-2016CVMA Expresses Support for Bill C-246 to Members of Parliament
05-09-2016Letter to MPs - Bill C-246 "Modernizing Animals Protection Act"
03-16-2015CVMA Sends Letter to Minister Regarding the Development of Standards for Psychiatric Service Dogs