A CVMA Copyright Agreement must be completed for all published manuscripts in The Canadian Veterinary Journal (The CVJ) or the Canadian Journal of Veterinary Research (CJVR) by the corresponding author, on behalf of all authors associated with the manuscript. By submitting this form, you are agreeing to the terms below. 

Copyright and publishing rights are held by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (The “Association”). The undersigned author, in consideration of the time and expense incurred by the Association in editing and publishing that certain article of the author specified below (including all text, tables, figures and illustrations, if any) (collectively the “Article”), in THE CANADIAN VETERINARY JOURNAL / CANADIAN JOURNAL OF VETERINARY RESEARCH (the “journal”) and other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged by the author, the author hereby agrees as follows:

  1. The author hereby irrevocably and absolutely transfers, assigns and grants to the Association all of the author’s worldwide copyright in and to the Article and all other intellectual property and other proprietary rights incidental thereto, including, without limitation, all rights to publish, reproduce, distribute and sell the Article in all forms and media, including but not limited to facsimile, internet, and e-mail, and to authorize others to reprint any portion or all of the Article.
  2. The author acknowledges that the Association will designate the author as the author of the Article in the initial publication of the Article in the journal and in any subsequent reprint or publication of the Article. The author hereby irrevocably waives all moral rights which the author may have in the Article.
  3. The author hereby warrants and represents that the author is the sole author and sole owner of the Article, the Article is original and unpublished, and the copyright in the Article has not been in any way transferred, assigned or granted to any other party.
  4. Without limiting any of the above, the author acknowledges that the author is not entitled to any fee, honoraria, payment or other compensation of any kind from the Association in respect of the assignment herein or the publication or other use of the Article by the Association.
  5. The author acknowledges and agrees that the Association is under no obligation to publish the Article at all or in any specific issue of the Journal and that the Association is entitled to revise, reword and otherwise edit the Article in any manner that it sees fit to make it suitable for publication in the Journal.
  6. The author acknowledges and agrees that he/she has not assigned his/her copyright interest in the article to any other person, nor does the article infringe, either in whole or in part, on another person’s copyright in any literary work.
  7. In cases where there are multiple authors, the corresponding author will sign the copyright agreement on behalf of all authors listed on the manuscript.

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