CVMA Mentoring Program

CVMA Mentoring Program

Veterinary graduates face difficult challenges while starting their career including gaining hands-on experience, performing surgeries, diagnosing correctly, providing proper patient treatment, and lack of experience and confidence interacting and communicating with clients and colleagues. To help recent graduates overcome these challenges while settling into professional life, CVMA created the CVMA Mentoring Program connecting CVMA members wanting to support final year DVM students, recent graduates and early career veterinarians.

The program imparts an enriching experience to mentees who receive personalized feedback and encouragement to acquire new knowledge and skills. Mentors gain opportunities to provide professional nurturing, share their knowledge and expertise, and further develop their own communication and leadership skills.

Mentoring is an invaluable personal and career development opportunity and a powerful confidence building tool for mentees. Also, professional nurturing can be satisfying and rewarding for mentors through sharing their knowledge and expertise to help others progress in their career.

The CVMA is always recruiting new mentors in order to adequately meet the potential number of relationship requests by mentees.

To participate in the CVMA Mentorship Program, mentees need to:

  • be a CVMA member
  • complete a mentee profile form
  • be prepared to commit for 12-months
  • initiate the search, select your mentor and make initial contact
  • maintain regular contact with your mentor
  • identify skills and competencies you wish to gain

There is no matching process; a mentee is expected to search potential mentors from the CVMA mentor roster and select a mentor based on his/her goals and needs. Matches are initiated by the mentee and accepted by the mentor; after it is both parties responsibility to continue communication.

Mentees may initiate contact by sending an introduction letter or e-mail to the prospective mentor. It may take one to two weeks to hear back from your mentor but once you have connected, you should schedule an initial meeting (virtual or in-person) to outline the relationship expectations.