Befriending Your Nervous System: Navigating the Stress-Mind-Body Connection & Empowering Wellbeing through Nervous System Insights.

Chronic stress has a profound impact on our brains and bodies, often blurring the lines of personal boundaries, particularly in high-pressure workplaces and environments involving human-animal interactions. We joined Erin Wasson BSW, MSW, RSW for an engaging and interactive webinar that delves deep into understanding the intricate relationship and far-reaching consequences of chronic stress, the nervous system, and our overall health and well-being. Attendees learned:

  • Practical tools to identify and monitor their nervous system’s signals;
  •  Skills for enhancing their self-awareness and self-regulation abilities;
  • “Why we must critically examine the myth of “easy boundaries” and conventional “self-care” practices, deconstructing the ways in which these limited approaches contribute to self-defeat.” 

In support of the Time to Talk about Mental Health in Vet Med awareness campaign, this webinar recording is available and free to all veterinarians, student veterinarians, RVTs, student RVTs, and all veterinary workplace staff.

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