CVMA Workforce Shortage Mini-Series - February 2022

The veterinary workforce shortage is one of the primary challenges facing our profession today. This year, CVMA will work with stakeholders across the country to address the challenges the workforce shortage poses to the delivery of veterinary services, the impact on animal health and welfare, and veterinary team wellness.

Dr. John Tait: Recruitment and Retention Tactics in Veterinary Medicine

This session will review data on recruitment motivators for veterinarians in the earlier parts of their careers, general reward structures, as well as traditional and emerging retention tactics.

Mr. Rob Marr: Why Developing Yourself, Your Skills, and Your Systems will Help You and Your Team Fulfil Their Potential

This workshop will give you an insight into yourself, your personal skills, and your systems. By attending this workshop, you will have a better understanding of why emotional intelligence can change the way you think; understand the fun of mastery with a growth mindset; how to help others fulfill their potential; why you should build a network of “Already There” mentors, and much more.

Dr. Irene Moore: Team Culture—Do You Have a Contaminated Petri Dish or a Flourishing Garden?

As the veterinary workforce is experiencing unprecedented challenges with recruitment and retention, there is a renewed focus on team culture. This session will identify the importance of team culture, and the impact of a toxic culture on the veterinary team. It will also discuss strategies to achieve a thriving growth culture in our veterinary teams.