In an effort to assist with some new business challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, CVMA in partnership with Scotiabank is here to support you and your business.

To help you navigate through this uncertain time we have gathered financial support measures, programs, initiatives and resources to help summarize several economic relief measures that have been announced to-date to support individuals and businesses.

Learn more about financial relief measures offered by the Government of Canada and financial institutions, including Scotiabank for businesses and answers to commonly asked questions here.

For personal banking relief measures, click here.

Weekly COVID Impact Tracker

  • Our data source is PetTrak, our global platform for analyzing transactional data from practice management software (PMS)
  • Active in the USA, France, and Canada
  • Includes a nationally representative panel of clinics
  • Results are based on hundreds of thousands of patients and millions of transactions
  • All data received are anonymized, we identify patients as a record number only
  • For our COVID ImpactTracking Report, we only included clinics for which we have sales data in all weeks from 2019 to present.
  • For further questions, please contact

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Payroll Support and Financing Measures

Ward & Uptigrove has been monitoring the Government of Canada’s COVID-19 economic relief measures available and with the additional details of the current programs, you may be eligible for payroll support or financing measures:

Canada Emergency Bank Account (CEBA)

  • Up to $40,000 interest free loan for non-deferrable operating expenses
  • If 75% is repaid prior to December 31, 2022, the remaining 25% (up to $10,000) will be forgiven.
  • Eligibility is based on 2019 payrolls between $20,000 and $1.5M

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Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS)

  • This covers up to 75% of employees wages via a grant
    • If the employees are not working, you could receive a refund for employer-paid EI and CPP contributions
  • Eligibility is based on a decrease in revenue due to COVID-19 of 15% in March 2020, 30% in April 2020 and /or May 2020
    • Decrease can be compared to same period in prior year or average of Jan/Feb 2020 revenue, can also be calculated on accrual or cash basis
  • The application is not yet ready, but it will be through CRA My Business Account April 27th.

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10% Temporary Wage Subsidy

  • If you are not eligible for the CEWS above, you would be eligible for this subsidy which would provide up to $25,000 in grants based on a max of $1,375 per employee (need 18 employees to max)
  • Essentially you can reduce your remittances for payroll deductions to the government based on employees remuneration (max of 10%) for period of March 18 to June 19, 2020
  • No application, you can just calculate directly off your remittance.

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Commercial Rent Assistance Program

Ward & Uptigrove is also monitoring a recently proposed Canadian Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance Program which may benefit you. This could provide loans, including forgivable loans, to commercial property owners who in turn will lower or forgo the rent of small businesses in April, May, and June. There may be a delay in details for this program as it requires collaboration with federal and provincial governments.

Ward & Uptigrove has put together an online webinar (find the PPT here) based on two common scenarios to demonstrate how these programs may be applied. As new details become available, they will also update The CVMA encourages you to check back frequently.

As well, Innovation Canada has provided a tool for businesses to find COVID-19 support and programs. You can input basic details about your business and it outputs a list of possible programs:

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