The Workplace Strategies for Mental Health website is a Canadian resource with free tools for workplace mental health and psychological safety. These evidence-based resources were developed by experts in Canadian psychological and occupational health and safety and are easy to use, customizable, and produced in English and French. Tools and strategies for the workplace are available for employees, for managers, assessments and workshops.

Promises P.A.T.H.

Psychological Health & Safety in the Workplace

The National Standard of Canada on Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace is a step-by-step guide for organizations who are committed to protecting mental health and wellness in the workplace. The Standard was created by the Mental Health Commission of Canada and the Canadian Standards Association. A workshop is also available where participants will learn how to easily navigate the Standard and implement an effective psychological health and safety management system within their own organization. Learn more:

American Veterinary Medical Association Workplace Wellbeing Certificate Program

The AVMA Workplace Wellbeing Certificate Program empowers veterinarians and team members with the knowledge and skills to create a culture of wellbeing in their veterinary workplace. The program is comprised of multiple modules that can be taken individually or completed as a unit, culminating in an AVMA Workplace Wellbeing Certificate of Completion. To begin, participants must complete the first module – “Creating a Culture of Wellbeing: Organizational Strategies for Promoting Wellbeing in the Workplace.” The remaining modules can be completed in any order.

Modules include:

  • Creating a Culture of Wellbeing
  • How to Request, Receive, and Give Feedback Effectively
  • Transforming Conflict
  • QPR Assessment
  • Diversity and Inclusion

The AVMA Workplace Wellbeing Certificate Program is available to non-AVMA members by creating a non-member account and costs approximately $75 USD.