Selection of award recipients is based solely on the information provided in the nomination package. Please follow the steps below to ensure all required documents are included with your nomination package. Award nominees (excluding those nominated for Honourary Membership) must be current CVMA members, however, candidates can be nominated by non-CVMA members.

Supporting Documents

In addition to the nominee and nominator information that you will provide in the form below, you must also submit the following supporting documents:

Outline of Nominee’s Key Professional Accomplishments (1,000 words max.) *
Letters of support (five letters max.; 500 words each max.)
Newspaper articles (if applicable; two articles, less than two years old, max.)
Articles written by nominee (if applicable; three articles max.)

You will receive a confirmation email after submitting the form below. The CVMA will then be in touch with you to obtain the supporting documents to complete the nomination process.

Nomination Form

Award recipients are approved during the spring CVMA Council meeting. A written confirmation will be sent to recipients and nominators.


Submissions for the 2023 CVMA awards are now closed.