Purchasing or adopting a pet on a whim or by impulse can result in an unhappy home for both pet and owner. Take your time to consider your choices.

For example, dogs are sincere, loyal and loving companions. Dog owners can enjoy active, outdoor recreation with their pets as well as quiet, relaxing times. Dogs add enjoyment to most situations – from playing ball with friends to reading a book or watching television with your companion nearby.

Cats can be social, active pets and enjoy chasing balls or playing hide and seek. They are also good companions in quieter times, sitting on a person’s lap, purring contently. Cats tend to be more self-sufficient, and can live long, happy lives mostly or entirely indoors.

In some cases, exotic animals can become excellent pets. This may include miniature rabbits and small rodents, budgerigars and cockatiels, domestic ferrets, green iguanas, tropical fish and more! Make sure you and other family caregivers have a thorough knowledge of the subject before acquiring such a pet.

Factors to consider when choosing a pet:

  • Species and breed specifics
  • Time commitments
  • Type of home
  • Lifestyle
  • Pet life expectancy
  • Finances
  • Life stages
  • Social factors
  • Family members, including health considerations

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