The Students of the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (SCVMA) was established to provide a student forum in veterinary medicine and to allow for the exchange of students' ideas and information with the profession, the CVMA and other relevant organizations.

The SCVMA Committee facilitates the communication between the CVMA Council and students at the five Canadian Veterinary Colleges. The SCVMA Committee may present recommendations to the CVMA Council regarding matters concerning the Association and particularly matters of interest to students.

The SCVMA Committee will comprise of one representative from each Canadian veterinary college. During their term, the representatives will occupy one of the following positions: President, Symposium Coordinator, VetRap Student Newsletter Coordinator, New Graduate Survey Report Coordinator and CVJ Editorial Coordinator.

The CVMA Student Liaison Advisory Group (SLAG) represents the CVMA at each of the five Canadian veterinary colleges, strengthening the CVMA and veterinary student link. The SLAG, comprised of one faculty member from each college, guides their college's SCVMA Committee representatives and participates in annual CVMA initiatives including the One Voice presentation, lab coat ceremony, and the SCVMA Symposium.

A CVMA staff liaison acts as a resource-person to the SCVMA Committee, whose role includes consulting, assisting and organizing committee meetings and other activities and initiatives of the SCVMA.

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Did You Know the CVMA Offers a Tiered Membership Fee for Graduates?

Students who graduate and pass the CQ in Canada or are members of the International Student Affiliate Program, will receive a FREE CVMA membership granting access to all of the benefits (only until December 31 of the year the student graduated in). Once this offer expires, and if the student maintains uninterrupted membership after graduation for a consecutive 3-year period, they are eligible for the 75%-50%-25% tiered fee reduction and will receive a CE voucher. This can be used for a complimentary general registration for one future CVMA convention.

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